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Benefits of Vernier

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Benefits of Vernier Sensor Suite



As a science teacher have you ever wished you could complete labs faster and with greater accuracy? Or wanted to give your students experience using computers and multimedia in science classes?  As the video below shows, the Vernier sensor suites allow you do to all this and more!


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Educators around the world have consistently emphasised many benefits of vernier sensors and software.  These benefits include the ease of use for students, ease of set up and clean up for teachers, and the efficiency of data analysis. The video clips below gives a demonstration of the software interface and sensor set up.



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As you can see, the Vernier interface and sensors are remarkably easy to use. This allows students to focus on learning the content and curricular material rather than worry about mastering complex and often out of date laboratory skills.  In fact, the Vernier data suite not only aids education but also provides students with exposure to the way professional science is carried out.  Modern scientific investigation is rarely done without digital equipment.  Gone are the ticker tape, stop watches, and spring scales.  Replacing them are digital sensors remarkably similar in function to the Vernier equipment.  In fact, the Vernier equipment is being used at research universities like UBC and U of T. At this point there are few people who would argue with the efficacy of Vernier equipment. 


The Vernier software suite also aids in analysis of data by quickly and accurately creating graphs of data and allowing students to easily analyse the information.  Examples of how the software will graph and analyse data are shown below.






The only major problem with the Vernier sensor suite is the price.  A class set of interface units, sensors, and software can cost over $15,000; well outside the budget of many public school science departments.  Follow this link to see the solution to this problem.


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